Vung Tau

A favorite stretch of picture-postcard beaches in Southern Vietnam.

Vung Tau is Ho Chi Minh City's closest beach resort, and can be reached by a picturesque hydrofoil ride down the Sài Gòn River or by a rather circuitous highway route. The water is not terribly clean, but the town with its fishing fleet and outdoor restaurants is colorful and relaxing. Thousands flock there on Sunday afternoons to jump into the surf with most of their clothes on. Bai Truoc (Front Beach) is most popular.
Photo : cafeland.vnThose suffering from burn out during an extended stay in Ho Chi Minh City will enjoy Vung Tau during the week, when it is relaxed. Be sure to visit the White Villa, the restored Governor’s residence. A hike at sunset to the giant statue of Jesus atop Nui Noh will reward you with a fabulous view.

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If you can organize enough people for a hired car or even a mini-bus, head instead for Thuy Dong, a private beach a few kilometers north of Vung Tau. The water is clean, and the owners provide chairs, tables and umbrellas. Pack a picnic for the two hour drive from HCMC, but save room for cold beer and piles of steamed crabs you can order beachside.

Weather / Temperature:
Humidity 73%
Wind 6.24 km/h
Sunrise 05:29 AM

Frequently asked questions

Is this possible to hire a motorbike in Vung Tau?

Traveling around Vung Tau is quite easy by motorbike and you can find some shops offering motorbike rentals on the main streets, especially the center, or directly at your hotel. The fee is around VND 100,000 – 150,000 VND depending on the type of vehicle you choose.

Which are the famous festivals in Vung Tau?

Taking part in a festival is a great way to learn about the area’s culture and beliefs. With its rich nature, culture, and history, Vung Tau has various festivals and events all year round, and below are some notable ones:

• Dinh Co Festival: from February 10th to 12th (Lunar Calendar)

• Thang Tam Festival: from February 17th to 20th (Lunar Calendar)

• Nghinh Ong Festival: from August 16th to 18th (Lunar Calendar)

• Tran Temple Festival: August 20th (Lunar Calendar)

• Shrine of the Lady Festival: from October 16th to 18th (Lunar Calendar)

In Vung Tau, which cuisines are recommended?

Many visitors come to Vung Tau not only for the amazing beaches and sights but also for the tasty dishes of this coastal city. The most popular one should be Banh khot (Vietnamese mini pancake), which is made with rice flour, coconut milk, chopped spring onion, and shrimp or squid. Besides, coming to a shoreline city, you shouldn't miss seafood, which is extremely diverse from crab, shrimp, snails, blood clam, and so on. You may also try and Stingray hotpot, a local nutritious and yummy folk dish.

How different is Back Beach and Front Beach?

Back Beach and Front Beach are the two main beaches in Vung Tau City. With plenty of beach activities and countless hotels, restaurants, bars, and travel services, Back Beach is considered the hub of the area, which is perfect for those who enjoy the vibrant lifestyle. Whereas, if you wish to avoid the crowded, Font Beach would suit you better. The view of Front Beach is particularly spectacular and much more peaceful.

What to see in Vung Tau?

Attractive and impressive landmarks make Vung Tau a perfect destination for your vacation. Here is a list of wonderful tourist destinations in Vung Tau that you may want to spend time exploring:

• Beaches: Back beach, Front beach, Long Hai Beach, Ho Co Beach

• Giant Statue of Jesus Christ

• Light House

• White Palace

• Shakyamuni Buddha

• Robert Taylor Museum of Worldwide Arms

• Ho May Ecological Park