An Giang

An Giang Province's economy thrives on the seabass fish besides tourism. Like Soc Trang, An Giang is characterized by the co-habitation of the Vietnamese, the Khmer and the Cham, which gives rise to the interestingly diverse culture and history.

Chau Doc

Chau Doc, An Giang's capital city, is most famous for Sam Mount Lady Festival, a religious figure celebrated by most Southerners by the virtue of her sanctity. Annually, from 23rd to 27th April in Lunar Year, thousands of people flock to Chau Doc to offer tribute to the Lady in exchange for granted wishes and good luck for their relatives, rendering it the biggest festival in the Mekong Delta Region. For this reason, a trip around Mekong Delta Region would be incomplete without a visit to Sam Mount Lady’ Temple, a construction which is surrounded by myths and a tourist attraction in its own right.

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Beside this highlight, Chau Doc is known for countless addresses where the residents celebrate their faiths, be it Sunni Islam, Buddhism, Khmer Buddhism or Theravada Buddhism. Each of these religious buildings stands out as the typical religious background upon which it is established and thus, is valuable source of information about the culture it represents.

Long Xuyen

The second most developed city in the Mekong Delta Region, Long Xuyen impresses tourist by the extent of its urbanization. Moreover, it is the birthplace of Hoa Hao Religion, one of the few Vietnamese born beliefs and a widely popular in the South West.

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Like Can Tho, Long Xuyen has a well- established education system represented by the recognized An Giang University. With that being said, the city introduces to you a new aspect of life in the rural areas in the Southern end of the country – education.

Coming to Long Xuyen City, one can also visit the float markets or visit Ton Duc Thang commemoration venue or take pleasure in the lakesides café at Nguyen Du lake. Most importantly, it is recommended that tourists tour the city on a motorcycle venture into every corner of the town.

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